We are pleased to support TICA's Junior Exhibitor program. The program is open to all exhibitors under 18 years of age participating in the show.

Junior Exhibitor judging will be done at 1 PM on Saturday. Any questions should be directed to Alex Marinets, Junior Exhibitor Coordinator.

About TICA's Junior Exhibitor Program

TICA's Junior Exhibitor program is designed to:

  • Educate and mentor junior TICA exhibitors
  • Inspire and honor junior exhibitors with trophies and awards
  • Increase the number of TICA junior members
  • Create a junior exhibitor community of practice through on-line discussion groups
  • Make alliances with other animal husbandry-based youth programs
  • Support feline health and care
  • Secure the future of TICA and the cat fancy.

For more information about the Junior Exhibitor program, or to register as a Junior Exhibitor, click here.